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23 J2BD Academy Spring League

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Well Team here we go!!!

Time to kick this season off, I have few things to discuss with everyone so we all are on the same sheet of music moving forward. First things first, I recently spoke with Ms. Faye, one of the directors of the YBOA and there are a couple of major changes to this weekend's tournament:

1. The tournament has moved from Duluth High School to the

Fair Oaks Rec Center 1465 W Booth Road Ext SW in Marietta due to availability.

2. Because of the lack of registered teams there are only 3 teams per pool. Coach Allen's 7th grade team has been moved up to the 8th Grade Bracket play , so we probably will see them during game play.

3. Gentlemen, we are an academy that is working towards a standard so we must be professional at all times. The YBOA has a dress…

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