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23 J2BD Academy Spring League

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Well Team here we go!!!

Time to kick this season off, I have few things to discuss with everyone so we all are on the same sheet of music moving forward. First things first, I recently spoke with Ms. Faye, one of the directors of the YBOA and there are a couple of major changes to this weekend's tournament:

1. The tournament has moved from Duluth High School to the

Fair Oaks Rec Center 1465 W Booth Road Ext SW in Marietta due to availability.

2. Because of the lack of registered teams there are only 3 teams per pool. Coach Allen's 7th grade team has been moved up to the 8th Grade Bracket play , so we probably will see them during game play.

3. Gentlemen, we are an academy that is working towards a standard so we must be professional at all times. The YBOA has a dress code which they will enforce, just as we will keep our own standard. khaki pants with our J2BDA coach's polo.

4. Our academy is trying to create a name in our community as the place to develop young players, and one of the main ways to do that is transitioning the drills and practice to game play. These parents are not paying to have their kids sit on the bench so our job is to train them and coach them, so we need to practice time management for our teams and coach the players on the floor.

The vision for this program will be met and we have what it takes to make our program superior in our county.

Join us on our app-

Stanley Roosevelt


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