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After School Program

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J2BD Academy is now offering 1 hr Basketball Development programing for 4th and 5th grade students at selected elemerntary schools in Cumming, GA.

Beginning developmental basketball program will focus on:

  • Ball handling

  • Shooting

  • Skill development

  • Drill

  • Defense

Playing Basketball
Playing Basketball

Junior 2 Basketball Developmental Academy 
After-School Program

Designed for elementary 4th and 5th-grade students that want to learn the fundamentals of BASKETBALL. 

In an effort to make physical education and sports development accessable for all students, this program will be hosted at community schools. Thats right No transportation is needed. Students will be able to be dismissed from class and go straight to the school's gymnasium to particapate twice a week in a highly age appropriate, basketball and speed and agility athletic program. Students will be able to train with physical fitness and basketball enthusiast, sparking the passion and fun of physical fitness in the youth of Cumming, GA.

J2BD Academy prides themselves in providing premier training; therefore, we only accept 30 students for each school session. The cost of this program is $180 for each student for the month. The program is billed out month to month to parents. 

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