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Athletic Performance Training

Our program teaches the correct running form mechanics and speed/agility techniques while infusing the importance of confidence and self-esteem developing a better athlete, and most importantly a better person.

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Zoom Level 1 (5th/6th) MWF 5:30 pm

Zoom Level 2 (7th/8th) MWF 6:30 pm

Zoom Level 3 (9th/10th) MWF 4:30 PM

All sessions are 1hr


(Group sessions are used or lose)

Dr. Dish Basketball Machine Membership

1 session for $35

4 Sessions for $100

Sat and Sun Availability from 9-5

Premier Package

Players have unlimited class access for the month to all class. Perfect for a customized training in a class setting.



Basketball Development

Players will learn proper body, hand positioning, and ball handling skills. Shooting, passing, dribbling, footwork and more will be the primary focus with conditioning and defensive skill building


Level 1 (Ages 9-11) M,W,F 5:30 pm

Level 2 (Ages 12-14) M,W,F 6:30 pm

All sessions are 1hr

J2BD Levels

(Group sessions are used or lose)

Private Training

Private Training is available upon requesting based on trainer availability.

All private sessions are 1hr

All sessions must be used within 45 days of package purchase 


2 sessions/week = 8 sessions/month $300

3 sessions/week = 12 sessions/month $400

4 sessions/week = 16 sessions/month $500

(Prices Vary)

Team/Small Group Training

Must have at least 6 athletes to book:

6-9 athletes $15/athlete

10-15 athletes $12/athlete

16+ athletes $10/athlete

All Team/Private Group Training are booked by Coach of team and paid thru team Coach or Organization representative. We require a minimum of 4 sessions for booking as we’d like to give the athletes the best opportunity for success through our training.

Family Plan Pricing 

First Athlete per family pays full price and each additional athlete is 15% price for the same amount of group sessions. If you desire Private training for one or more of your athletes you’ll receive a 15% off total price.

Team League Play




For more information or to enroll email

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